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Are you considering the purchase of a vehicle that isn’t in your area? Maybe at an auction or an estate sale? Perhaps a private individual seller or dealership? Is it a classic car, an antique car, a muscle car or a street rod?

Specializing in classic, antique, muscle and collector cars, Stephen Becker Automotive Group Inc. certified vehicle appraisal and inspection service can help you make an informed decision so you can buy with confidence from a distance. Let Stephen Becker be your second pair of eyes on a vehicle. Stephen Becker can assist you with a pre-purchase inspection and appraisal.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Advantages:
  • Detailed pre-purchase vehicle inspection, research and reporting.
  • Speak with Stephen Becker who is the actual vehicle inspector and appraiser before and after the inspection & appraisal.
  • Stephen Becker is tested and certified, not strangers from the yellow pages.
  • Stephen Becker is on the advisory board of the NADA Classic and Antique company.
  • Speak with Stephen Becker personally who is an international known and truster Master Appraiser about vehicle's current market value.
  • Nationwide support and coverage of pre-purchase inspections.
  • Extensive centralized database to assist in valuation research.
  • Family-run organization that provides personalized customer service.
  • Licensed State of Georgia new car dealer.
  • Insurance industry recognized and respected.
  • Since 1977 Stephen Becker is THE trusted source for inspection and appraisal services.
Stephen Becker has been tested & certified so you’ll know that he is an experienced professional looking at your potential purchase. You can speak with Stephen before and after the pre-purchase inspection.
Pre-Purchase Inspection & Appraisal Service Includes:
  • Personal consultation with Stephen Becker before and after the inspection and appraisal..
  • An extensive 10-page pre-purchase vehicle inspection condition report crammed full of information documenting the condition and originality of the vehicle you wish to purchase, including test ride results and a detailed schematic of paint gauge readings.
  • Our pre-purchase car inspection report includes the decoding of identifying numbers at no extra charge.
  • Along with the pre-purchase inspection report, you will receive detailed photographs of the antique, classic or collector car, providing first hand evidence of the vehicle's condition, inside and out. A copy of the title or registration and pertinent receipts or information made available by seller will be forwarded to client.
  • After gathering the required information, Stephen will personally review the pre-purchase inspection with you and be available to answer questions about the car’s condition.
  • The pre-purchase inspection and appraisal reports and photos are available to you immediately following the inspection and appraisal.
  • Our auto appraisal service includes a current market value consultation with Stephen Becker, master appraiser, about the car after he has done research and analysis of the current classic car market.
  • Most pre-purchase and appraisal inspections are scheduled within 24 hours of the order being placed with Stephen Becker Automotive Group, Inc..
  • If you decide to purchase the car we will provide a vehicle appraisal certificate to document condition and value which is included in the price. This auto appraisal certificate may be used for insurance coverage or lending requirements.
  • Your interest is our only interest. Stephen has set the industry standard by providing prompt, reliable and personal auto appraisal and inspection service that our customers know they can trust.

Before you buy your next classic car, antique car or any type of vehicle, have an independent pre-purchase inspection and appraisal completed by Stephen Becker. Stephen Becker’s pre-purchase auto inspection and appraisal service gives you the confidence to buy or walk away.

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Valuation & inspection

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