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Ford NOS iron-block 427 FE
5 Speed
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1965 Shelby 427 S/C Roadster
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This Cobra is not a REPLICA or “KIT CAR”. This is a genuine Shelby Cobra built by Shelby American in 2005 as a Shelby “CSX-4000 Series” continuation series car. The Shelby Cobra is arguably one of the world's most famous and recognizable sports cars in history. The modern CSX4000 Series 427 S/C vehicles from Shelby Automobiles, Inc. are everything the 1965 models were, and more. The authenticity of this vehicle is documented by its Shelby CSX VIN numbers and a manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) from Shelby Automobiles signed by Carroll Shelby himself. Improvements to the CAX400 series include a stronger steel frame and better alloys used in the components, plus better cooling and additional heat shielding to make these cars safer and more drivable without losing any of the original character of the 1965-era cars. With 0- 60 MPH under four seconds, and 12 second quarter mile performance, you'll know exactly what it's like to drive a true American legend. This 427 S/C Cobra is titled and registered as a 1965 Shelby Cobra and is equipped with a genuine 1965 iron-block 427 FE side-oiler engine with all the correct instrumentation and accessories from Shelby American Automobiles. Shelby American Automobiles finished building the rolling chassis and delivered it to Shelby’s authorized dealer HRE Motorcars, Ltd. in Freeport, NY in December, 2005. HRE completed the drivetrain installation and delivered this beautiful, black “no-stripe” Cobra to its first owner’s specifications in the Spring of 2006. As the photos reveal, the final build reflects an authentic recreation of the original 1965 specifications with the look, feel, and genuine equipment that makes this Cobra nearly indistinguishable from its older brethren born in 1965. For example, a peek under the hood will reveal chrome valve covers with the original 427 Cobra badges. The Holley carburetor and Hellings and Stellings air cleaner is surrounded by an aluminum “turkey-pan” air box, like the original roadsters had “back in the day”. For videos of this Cobra in action visit:

HISTORY: In 1965 with tough racing competition and strict race homologation rules, Shelby attempted to achieve total domination of the FIA GT race series by installing a massive Ford 427 in a completely re- engineered AC chassis. Authentic 427 S/C's would eventually bring millions at auction. Today, over 50 years later, big block Cobras are some of the most valuable cars ever produced, selling for millions of dollars. In the mid-1980s, Las Vegas's Shelby American decided to honor the icon by authorizing a lightly updated generation called the CSX4000 series and was able to produce and market these cars at genuine Shelby Cobras as model year 1965 Shelby cars. This car is one of the handful of continuation cars produced by Shelby during that era. And YES, it’s a tremendous visceral experience to drive this car! This Cobra is currently part of the Goodwood-Sterling collection, a curated collection of historic and limited production street/race cars. It is registered and titled in the State of Montana as a 1965 Shelby Cobra. It will be sold with the original MSO signed by Carol Shelby, and a booklet with build photos, receipts and service history, two sets of key, and free and clear title to be transferred to the new owner.  

CHASSIS SPECIFICATIONS:  High Strength Fiberglass Body (reinforced at all mounting points with steel tubing)  Show Quality Paint (Raven Black)  Original Frame Configuration: 4" round tube main rails, .120 wall thickness, 90" wheelbase  Original Four Wheel Independent Suspension with Dual A-Arms and Coil-over Shocks  Rack & Pinion Steering  Baer Disc Race-Quality Brakes with Shelby Inscribed Calipers  15" Halibrand Style Pin Drive Wheels  Headers & Side Pipes (Jet-Hot Coated, chrome-look)  Shelby Aluminum Differential with Dana 44 Gears, 3.54 to 1 Ratio  S/C Dash Layout with Shelby Signature Series Gauges  15" Original Style Wood Rim Steering Wheel  Windshield Wipers, Wind Wings, and Sun Visors  Aluminum Fender Closeout Panels, Front and Rear  Full Carpeting, Including Trunk  Chrome Roll Bar  4 Core Aluminum Radiator  23 Gallon stainless steel, baffled, shielded deep pick-up fuel sump gas tank (original fuel safe fuel cell shell and hardware are also available to the new owner.)  Aviaid aluminum large capacity race oil pan  Vintage Lucas Tribar headlight assemblies  Simpson 4” race lap belts. (Shoulder Harnesses for Driver included, but not installed)

DIMENSIONS:  Wheelbase: 90”, Length: 153”, Height (top of windscreen): 47”, Total Width: 70”, Front Track: 55’, Rear Track: 56”  Unladen Weight with engine: 2,480 (Estimated based on manufacturer data)

POWERTRAIN:  ENGINE: Block: Ford NOS iron-block 427 FE Side-Oiler casting C7AE-A. Displacement is built to original 427 blueprint specifications.  10.5:1 Forged Pistons  Crane Camshaft and solid Harland Sharp roller rocker assembly  Edelbrock aluminum heads - ported and polished to competition specifications  Edelbrock dual-plane, low-rise manifold  Single Holly 750 CFM carburetor  Lakewood Bell Housing  TKO five-speed transmission with vintage shifter  Centerforce II clutch and pressure plate  Edelbrock water pump The state of the engine’s tune is extremely smooth and very easy to drive. The engine was dyno tested at 460 HP and 480 Lb/Ft torque, and is easy starting and smooth running throughout the rev range.

SHELBY INSTALLED FEATURES AND OPTIONS:  Factory original Carol Shelby branded gauges – original dash layout  Side Mirror (Driver side)  “Dot” wide-angle mirror discretely installed on windshield  Sun visors  Side wind deflector wings with Carol Shelby signature logos  Leather Interior Package includes: Dash, Door Map Pockets,  Rear Cockpit and Special Carpet.  Heater/Defroster Installed.  Glove Box installed on chassis.  Reverse Wind Speedometer The Goodwood-Sterling curators have lovingly cared for this Cobra since its acquisition and has continued to improve and maintain the Cobra faithfully.

THE FOLLOWING IMPROVEMENTS WERE COMPLETED DURING THE LAST 24 MONTHS: The original Fuel-Safe Fuel Cell that requires a replacement of the fuel cell bladder every three to five years (at a cost of $1,400) was replaced this Spring with a new custom fabricated stainless steel gas tank to provide a lifetime of maintenance-free operation. The new tank is fully baffled with a deep pick-up sump to avoid fuel “sloshing” during acceleration and cornering. The tank was fabricated by Rick’s Tanks in El Paso, TX, and looks just like the original CSX gas tanks. The tank was also fitted with a solid-state electronic fuel level sender. A discretely placed Stewart-Warner vintage style fuel gauge was installed below the dash in the center console area to provide accurate fuel level readings, while not changing the original dashboard layout. To enhance the vintage racing experience new Goodyear “Billboard” bias-ply race tires and new genuine Halibrand knock-off wheels with polished lips and new stainless steel polished spinners were installed to replicate the way that the 1965 cars were raced. Only 55 miles are on these new tires. The original vintage Halibrand wheels, spinners and BF Goodrich radial ply tires will also be delivered to the new owner as a second spare set.  4 The side-exit exhaust was originally painted flat black. The system was removed and sent to Jet Hot Coat for their ceramic coating treatment in a chrome-like ceramic finish. The new finish greatly enhances the look of the car setting off these wonderful pipes against the beautiful glossy black body color. To match the new wheels and side-pipes the original jacking plate “bumperettes” which are painted black were replaced with new fully polished stainless steel units to better compliment the bright work, the wheels, headers and black, stripe-less paint job. (The original painted jack plates will be delivered to the new owner) A new Shelby branded oil temperature gauge with sender and wiring was recently purchased, as this gauge is the only gauge that appears to be working intermittently. The oil temp gauge and system is new in the box, and has not been installed to-date as the oil was recently changed. It was deemed best to wait for next oil change to make this easy instrument swap as over 10 quarts of expensive oil would otherwise be lost. XPel Elite grade clear, self-healing film was installed on the rear fender “haunches” to protect fender flairs from stone chips. A set of vinyl “spats” are also included, but will not be necessary to use with this new clear film paint protection. Regular maintenance with fluid changes have been performed regularly. The car is driven regularly as a part of its maintenance regimen. A new rolling Shelby Cobra chassis alone without drivetrain currently carry an MSRP of $110,000 to $114,000. This Cobra was built when Carol Shelby was still involved in 2005 under his watchful eye. To reproduce this well-sorted, very and very drive-able car, you would spend over $170,000. Or if you found an original CSX3000 series car, you would pay several million dollars. This car is extremely well sorted and can be driven today, and daily by its new owner.

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