1999 Shelby Series 2 Concept Prototype

Year: 1999

Make: Shelby

Model: Series 2

Type: Convertible

Details: 1 of 1 Concept

Engine: Ford Aluminum 427 Big Block

Transmission: 5-Speed

Mileage: 45

Stock#: N/A (Concept Car)

Price: $299,000/offer

In 2006, Shelby Automobiles, Inc. announced it would be continuing production of the car renamed the Series 2 and featuring a revised front and rear end and a price tag of $225,000. Despite claims that most of the production run was already sold out, the Series II never materialized due to the excessive costs needed to re-certify the car for modern federal standards.

“Nineteen years after the Shelby Series 1 was introduced, Shelby American Inc. has reentered the modern sports car arena with the sizzling new Shelby Series 2 roadster,” read a release from Shelby American. “Beginning in June 2018, four of the handcrafted, limited edition sports cars will be available per year as a component roller configured for the Carroll Shelby Engine Company 427 aluminum FE big block or Windsor small block coupled to a custom-designed ZF 5-speed transaxle.”