1999 Shelby Series 1 Concept/Promo Car

Year: 1999

Make: Shelby

Model: Series 1

Type: Convertible

Details: CSX5474

Engine: 4.0L L47 Olds Aurora V8

Transmission: 6-Speed

Mileage: 2618

Stock#: 5474

Price: $150,000/offer

This car was used extensively as a development and demonstration car for Shelby American and is a part of Shelby history. 

Note from the President, Shelby American Inc.:

We used this car to test and validate various parts for production car use.  In that time period, it was simply referred to as X-4.

When driving it at the track, I remember the rear latch failing causing the rear deck to catch air and be ripped from it’s hinges.  This led to the development and installation of secondary latches on all Series 1 production cars.  There were other refinements based on the knowledge gained in the use of this specific car during the development program.

Gary Patterson

President, Shelby American Inc.