1966 Ford Bronco

Year: 1966

Make: Ford

Model: Bronco

Type: U100 Wagon

Details: Bucket Seat

Engine: 170 CID six cylinder

Transmission: Three-Speed Manual

Mileage: 71,304

Stock#: 3110

Price: $35,000/offer

This is a very rare opportunity to buy an original, unrestored, first-year-built 1966 Ford Bronco… “The Classic”

Manufactured in the first year of production for 1966, this is the original Bronco. It is in good condition, runs and starts well. With a six-cylinder engine and manual 3-speed “three on the tree” transmission, it is simply a fun truck to drive.

The truck was brought up to Northern California from Arkansas three years ago and has been garaged ever since, being driven only locally on sunny days only. Red paint and a white hard top make this a head-turner. With no known rust, it has been never cut or tampered with in any way to take away from its original “personality”. The title is clean and the 71,304 miles and believed to be original.

About the 1966 Broncos

Early Bronco Production Started on October 1, 1965. The first models were available only with a 105 hp 170 cid six cylinder derived from Ford's Falcon lineup. The only available transmission was Ford's 3.03 three-speed manual with a column mounted shifter. Transmission ratios behind the six cylinder were: 3.41:1 first, 1.86:1 second, and 1:1 third.

When the 289 V8 option was introduced in March 1966, the three-speed manual behind it had ratios of: 2.99:1 first, 1.46 second, and 1:1 third. The transfer case was a Bronco specific Dana 20 with a low range ratio of 2.46:1. Unique to the models was a tall shifter with a shift pattern matching that of the T-handle shifter, but with a J- handle style ball mounted on top. Most '66s also had rear shock absorbers that angled forward in front of the axle with stud mounts at the top instead of the later rear-canted eye mount shocks.

The Bronco, with a 92-inch wheelbase was offered in wagon, half cab, and roadster configurations. The roadster option was not very popular and was discontinued after 1968. Standard brakes were 11 x 2" front drums and 10 x 2.5" drums on the rear on the small bearing (2780 lb.) axle and 11 x 1.75" drums on the large bearing (3300 lb.) axle. All Broncos employed a Ford 9" rear axle and until 1971, a Dana 30 front axle rated at 2,500 lb. Axle ratios were 3.50:1, 4.11:1 and 4.57:1(6 cyl. only).

The standard gas tank held 14.5 gallon with an optional 11.5 gallon second tank available. The interior was a silver-grey color, including the seats and the sun visors.  The inner door panels and the dashboard were painted a gray color.  There was a black vinyl mat in the front of the vehicle. The door and the window crank handles, along with the seats were all changed in 1967. The driver’s side mirror was a round mirror that mounted to the side of the fender.  The rear view mirror screwed to the windshield frame.  The front and rear bumpers were cut straight on the ends instead of on an angle. The rear shock was mounted on the front side of the rear axle. None of the brakes were self-adjusting.  The taillights were a solid red, without the white square for the reverse lights.   

Options for '66 (including dealer installed accessories) included: Warn free wheeling hubs, snow plow kits, winches, tachometers, Air Lift front auxiliary springs, trailer hitches, tow hooks, etc. Most of the options and many others were included through the Bronco's twelve-`year run. There were 4,090 Roadsters produced.  There were 6,930 Pick-Ups produced.  There were 12,756 Wagons produced.  Bringing the total to 23,776 of E.B. Production in 1966.