Aluminum 427 FE; 526CI (750 HP)

Price: $39,299.99


526 cubic inches with 750 horsepower and 660 lbs/ft of Torque. It starts with the Shelby aluminum 356 T6 CNC machined “FE” block etched with the Shelby logo and correct C5AE-H casting numbers.


  • Shelby aluminum medium riser heads with correct casting numbers

  • Custom Mahle pistons

  • Stainless steel rocker arms with roller tips

  • Billet steel crankshaft with 4340 H-beam rods and ARP 2000 Rod bolts

  • Custom mechanical roller cam

  • Cloyes timing chain, Hex-A-Just, billet gears

  • Mechanical fuel pump and high volume oil pump, with billet oil filter adapter

  • Shelby single plane intake manifold

  • Holley carburetor with 950HP manual secondaries

  • MSD high output, breaker-less distributor and high output coil

  • Shelby logo 8mm ignition wires

  • Billet aluminum pulley and bracket systems

  • Shelby finned aluminum valve covers with black accent paint